Using RIMMF. Tutorial #7, Import a problem Bib record for a Manifestation of an Expression that is already in your EI

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about importing another LC Bib record as a RIMMF Manifestation record when its Work and Expression records should find matches, but don't.

<hidden Click here for 'Open RIMMF' instructions and for a link to the pre-built folder for the previous tutorial>


  • Open RIMMF
  • Make sure that you are using the 'Goudge' data folder that you created in Tutorial #1
At the bottom of the RIMMF screen, look for "\Goudge\
  • Open the Entity Index (EI) <Ctrl+E>
The EI should now contain: 
  Composite Key                                               Entity
  Goudge, Elizabeth, 1900-1984                                Person
  Goudge, Elizabeth, 1900-1984. Herb of grace                 Work
  Goudge, Elizabeth, 1900-1984. Eliots of Damerosehay saga    Work
  Goudge, Elizabeth, 1900-1984. Herb of grace. German         Expression
  Pilgerherberge : Roman. Morgarten Verlag. [1949]. Volume    Manifestation 
  Scarpi, N. O., 1888-1980                                    Person 
  Kahn, Harry, 1883-1970                                      Person 
  Pilgrim's Inn. Servant Publications. 1993. Volume           Manifestation
  Goudge, Elizabeth, 1900-1984. Herb of grace. English        Expression
  Goudge, Elizabeth, 1900-1984. Eliot heritage                Work
  Pilgrim's Inn. Coward-McCann. [1948]. Volume                Manifestation

Alternate: Use a pre-built folder

If you want to jump to this tutorial without doing the previous tutorials, follow the "Download Web Folder" instructions and download the following folder from our website:

If you intend to use this file to proceed through the remaining tutorials, 
  remember that it is located in your '\RIMMF3\imports\zip' folder.


Import a Bib record for a Manifestation

Find and View the Manifestation Record for Importing

  • <F3>
  • Change the Search Source to '[BIB]Title'
  • Search: Herb of grace
  • Select the “Hendrickson” publication of 'Pilgrim's Inn'
  • Click <Import>
Notice that the R-Tree is going to import 
  a complete set of records (all are checked for import).

The asterisk(*) by the Work and Expression labels
  indicates that RIMMF could not find matches for those headings
  and so will create records from the data it can glean
  from the Manifestation.

But the Work, Expression, and Author *should* already be in the EI,
  imported during earlier Tutorials.

Watch out for this when using RIMMF. In this particular situation
  the LC cataloger used the wrong heading in the Bib record
  for the author (her dates are missing). 
For matching Works, RIMMF matches on the following elements:
  - the Identifier for the Work (e.g., the LCCN of a NAF record, 
      which is, unfortunately, not provided in Bib records; 
      so we don't have this to match on)
  - the AAP for the Work

The AAP for the Work and Expression records in the EI begin with:
  "Goudge, Elizabeth, 1900-1984"
The AAP for the Work and Expression records created by RIMMF
  from data in the 'Hendrickson' Bib record begins with:
  "Goudge, Elizabeth"
So RIMMF rejects the incoming AAP as a match.

And, since there is another
  authority record in the NACO file
  for a different person, with the same name but without dates, 
  RIMMF imported the record for that person
  instead of the 'correct' person. 
The best thing to do here, is to turn off import
  for everything except the Manifestation,
  bring in only the Manifestation,
  and manually link it to the matching Expression
  and thus to the Work and Author, etc.

Import Duplicates and Then Get Rid of Them

But what if we don't realize that we will be loading duplicates?
  How do we handle that?  
  • Click <Import>, then <Selected>, then <OK>
  • Close the R-Tree
  • <Ctrl+E> to the EI
Looking at the added records in the EI,
  we can see that our new set
  is not going to link up to our existing records
  because of the missing dates for Elizabeth.
This becomes even more obvious if you sort the records
  alphabetically by their Composite Keys (AAPs).
So we need to delete the Person, Work, and Author
  from the set that we just brought in.

We can:

We will delete the records from the EI, as a group.
  • In the EI, click on the heading for “Goudge”, without a date
  • Click the <Open in R-Tree> button; or, Right-click and select 'Open in R-Tree'
  • Click the <Dig> button twice (to find all of the records in the set)
  • Click the Select all checkbox (the column heading with a checkmark)
  • Unselect the Manifestation (we want to keep that)
  • Click the arrow beside the <Delete> button
  • Select <Delete all at once>
Be *very* careful about deleting records,
  once they are gone, they are gone.

If, for example, you accidentally deleted something,
  you would have to add it again,
  and then find everything to which it should be linked,
  and manually add the links again.
  • Read the message, and click <Yes> and <OK> for each confirmation
  • Close the R-Tree
Now we need to manually link the Manifestation record
  that we kept
  to the correct Expression record.
  • At the EI
  • Double-click on the heading for: Pilgrim's inn. Hendrickson Publishers Marketing. 2013. Volume
  • Click on the last element in the record
    • <F4>
  • In the Element Label box, enter: Expression Manifested
    • <Tab>
  • <F5>
    • Select <Link to (EI)>
    • Double-click: Goudge, Elizabeth, 1900-1984. Herb of grace. English
  • Save the record <Ctrl+S>

View the R-Tree for your set

  • Click the [E] button to go to the Expression record
  • Click the button for the <R-Tree>
As you can see, the Manifestation is, now,
  part of the correct Goudge set.

But we haven't checked the Manifestation record properly, yet.

Edit the Manifestation Record

  • Double-click on the heading for: Pilgrim's inn. Hendrickson Publishers Marketing. 2013. Volume
I don't actually see anything that I need to edit,
  at least, not without the item in hand.
But I do notice the 'Title Proper of Series' data
  which tells me that I can add yet another
  Series relationship to this Work.
  • Click the [W] button
  • Put your cursor on the last element
    • <F4>
  • Type: Related Work
    • <Tab>
  • Click on the Related Work label
  • Type: In Series
    • <Tab>
  • Try to find a NACO Authority record for the series
    • <F3>
  • Change Search Source to: [NAF]N/T
  • Search: Goudge, Elizabeth, 1900-1984. Eliot Family Trilogy
This will fail to find a hit.
Give up on finding a NACO Authority record for the series.
  • Go back to the Work record
    • With the cursor still on the 'In Series' Text box:
      • <F5>
      • Select: <Create new Work>
      • Select the <work template TMQ.aSimple.txt> template
Once again, we are going to make another very brief Work record
  for this series.
This time, we know 4 things about this series:
  1. Its title 
  2. Its author
  3. Its Form of Work: Series
  3. Its series number
  • Click on the Text box for 'Preferred Title for the Work'
    • Enter: Eliot Family trilogy
  • Click on the Text box for 'Form of Work'
    • Enter: Series
  • Click on the Element Label for 'Creator'
    • Change it to 'Author'
      • <Tab> <Tab>
  • <F5> on the Text box for 'Author'
    • Select <Link to (EI)>
    • Double-click: Goudge, Elizabeth, 1900-1984
  • Hit <Enter> until you get past the Text box for 'Authorized Access Point' to autofill the AAP for the Work
Notice that the Variant Access Point for the Work is also autofilled.
  • Click on the Text box for 'Status of Identification'
    • Select <fully established>
  • Click on the Text box for 'Source Consulted'
    • Enter: Pilgrim's Inn, 2013
Notice that a Related Work link has already been provided in this Series record;
  it is labeled 'Series Container Of' to correspond to the label you chose
  in the Work record for Herb of grace. We call this 'back-linking'
  • Click on the Text box for 'Numbering of Part'
    • Enter: Book Two
  • Save the record <Ctrl+S>

View the R-Tree for your set

  • Click the <R-Tree> button
  • Expand the 'Series Container of' heading (click [+])
Notice that this series is the Series container of
  the Work "Herb of grace"
  which is also in 2 other series;
  or are they the same series with variant titles?
  That question will have to wait for another time.

In the meantime, a search on any of those series headings
  will find the same Work "Herb of grace"
  and all its Expressions, Manifestations, and Items.
But I would rather like to make it easy to select
  the Series Works from the individual Works
  for this author; 
  and I also want to show you something really neat.
  • Double-click the “Eliot Family Trilogy” heading
  • Tick the AAP checkbox for 'Form of Work' (to the far right)
  • Click in the Text box for the Authorized Access Point
Notice that the AAP changes, 
  to include the Form of Work as a qualifier.
  • Close and Save the record
  • Return to the R-Tree
  • Double-click the “Eliots of Damerosehay saga” heading ('Dig' if its not visible)
  • Tick the AAP checkbox for 'Form of Work'
  • Click on the AAP Text box
  • Save the record <Ctrl+s>
  • Double-click on the 'Series Container Of' heading
This takes you to the "Herb of grace" Work record
  and notice that the two 'In Series' headings that we changed
  in their records
  now display "(Series)" in their links in this record.
This is one of the real strengths of RDA in RIMMF,
  that when you make a change in the AAP of a record,
  that change is instantly displayed
  wherever that AAP displays.
  • Save <Ctrl+S> the “Herb of grace” record
  • Go to its R-Tree
  • Expand the 'Series Container of' heading again
  • Double-click the “Eliot heritage” heading
  • Tick the AAP checkbox for 'Form of Work'
  • Click in the AAP Text box
  • Close and Save the record
  • Close the R-Tree
Back at the EI, notice that it is now easy
  to pick out the 3 series Works from the list

End this Tutorial

  • Close everything
  • Save any records that need saving

If you are finished playing with RIMMF for now, close RIMMF. If you want to proceed, go to Tutorial #8

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