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When you open RIMMF, the software opens whatever is currently set as your default data folder of records, ready for you to work with those records. Use this option to switch to a different folder of RIMMF records, which will then be your default folder that the software will open when it starts.

Quick Steps

  • Close all open records and RIMMF functions, except the Main Menu
  • At the Main Menu:
    • Go to Tools | Change data folder
    • Select the folder you wish to use
    • Click <Select folder>
    • Click <Yes> to confirm that it is Ok to continue with the change
    • Click <OK> at the record count
  • Add records to your new folder, that is now your default folder

Make a New Empty Data Folder of RIMMF Records

See Create a New Empty Data Folder of RIMMF Records for how to create a new (empty) data folder and switch to it.


There are a few limitations in the current version.

1. RIMMF only supports one data folder at a time.

If you switch to a different data folder, and begin to create records in that folder, you will find that:

  • any records that you create in the new folder are saved to that folder
  • links do not work 'across folders', so if you copy the records you made in the different folder into your (default) data folder, you must copy all of records that are linked to that record, and any records linked to those additional records in order to keep those links

2. Even if you install RIMMF twice on the same computer, you will still have only one default data folder

This is because RIMMF looks for My Documents\RIMMF when it starts, and if it finds it, that becomes its default location for all operations1)


This option allows you to switch to a different folder of RIMMF records.

By default, RIMMF stores the records you make either:

  • on your computer in: My Documents\RIMMF\data
  • or on your flash drive in: RIMMF\data subdirectory 2)

'Change data folder' allows you to switch to a different folder of RIMMF records, which then becomes your default folder until you switch again.

This can be useful when you are sharing records, or if you just want a separate folder of particular records–allowing you to view other records without mixing them up with your default database.

We have not implemented multi-user support in RIMMF because it is beyond the scope of what we are trying to accomplish, and is a not trivial undertaking. However, the 'Change data folder' option makes it possible for you to create some RIMMF records on your computer, copy them to a network folder, and then direct your colleagues to this folder so that they can access your records. See Download web folder for more details. Depending on the permissions of the network folder, they may be able to modify the records also. This part is up to you.

the only conceivable reason for installing RIMMF more than once on the same computer would be to preserve different sets of the default element tables that we distribute
see the Installation notes on the Download page for details about using this location
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